The History of Corhampton Golf Club


This is a collection of items which form the history of Corhampton Golf Club.  If you have any additional information or any comments to make then please send an email to Graham Lawrence.

The first attempt at producing a history was made by Frank Lindley in the late 60's as part of the 'The Official Handbook' The handbook was updated by Bob Abercromby (Secretary) in 1977 with annother version of 'The Official Handbook".  Another attempt was made for the centenary celebrations which were held in 1991.  This written history took the form of a brochure.  Several books of minutes were found in the loft space above the secretary's office and a start has been made on transcribing them.  A number of people have been interviewed.  Information has been gleaned from the Hampshire Records Office.  Here you will find lists of competitions and names on honours boards.

If you see '??' in the text and you know what the missing information is please let the author know what it is.

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Year Event
1885 Club started
1891 Club registered with Royal & Ancient
1911 Mr Coffin appointed green keeper/professional
1919 Plane lands on the course
1929 Bunkers improved on the course
1932 Bert Dedman appointed green keeper/professional
1938 Ladies section affiliates with Ladies Golf Union
Land bought from Windham Long Estate and Holding Company formed
1961 Alternate tees built to make 18 tees for nine holes
1965 Water laid on to the course
Ron Crockford appointed greenkeeper/professional
1967 Veterans' Section formed
Holding Company wound up  Club now owns the land.
The course extension to 18 holes is completed.
The club badge is designed.
1975 New club house completed.
1978 The first Pro-Am tournamment
1991 Centenary celebrated
1992 Four new holes built
2002 Spooners opened halfway