This halfway hut was conceived by Harry Spooner as his contribution to the club during his year as Captain (2002). Harry felt that he would like to do something for the members that would remain after his term in office.

The club had a small halfway hut called Dacombes Den that had been converted from a shelter and made into a refreshment hut. The facilities required refurbishment and Harry thought that a purpose built halfway hut would be a great boon to the members.

The Management Committee agreed to support the enterprise providing there was no cost to the club, any money to come from fund-raising activities that the Captain might organise.  A team was assembled by Harry of volunteers from the members and a set of plans was drawn up by Roger Wildig.

Taking a break at Spooners

The team consisted of Trevor White a builder (who took 2 weeks holiday to help), Graham Humby (project manager and general dogsbody), Dave Chalmers (plumber who managed to scrounge much of the plumbing materials) and Brian Harvey who carried out all the groundwork.

As with all projects, problems arose. For instance the electricity supply to Dacombes Den was woefully inadequate and a new power supply had to be taken from the clubhouse across the 1st, 2nd and 3rd fairways to the hut. Fortunately Alan Feltham (Captain 2006) proved to be a great help and with his expertise and work, a new electricity supply was provided.

To top off the hut the weathervane, in the form of a silhouette of HMS Vanguard, that had been on Dacombes Den, was overhauled and mounted on the roof of Spooners. Since its opening in September 2002 the hut has proved to be an important feature of the course, much appreciated by members and visitors alike.

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Dacombe's Den

HMS Vanguard on the weathervane

The weathervane plaque

Ted Leggett's Weather Vane

The weather vane mounted on Spooners hut was presented to the club by Ted Leggett's wife, Vera, to commemorate the many happy times that they had spent at Corhampton. They were members from the 1970’s until 1997, Ted being elected Seniors Captain in 1990.

Lieutenant Commander Ted Leggett served on HMS Vanguard during the Royal Tour of South Africa in 1947 and the silhouette of HMS Vanguard can be seen on the weather vane.

HMS Vanguard was the last of the Royal Navy’s battleships, launched on the 30th November 1944. She did not see action during WW2 and although she spent much time at sea, never fired her guns in anger. She was considered to be the most beautiful ship in the navy but in spite of this and a number of other uses being suggested she was finally scrapped in 1960 in Faslane.