September17-October 1, 2005

1. Itinerary
Day 01 - September 17 (Saturday)
Hong Kong and Shanghai – Xiamen (D)
Arrive in Xiamen by FM9253 (08:00-0930) from Shanghai (The plane takes off at Hongqiao Airport) and KA602 (12:45-14:00) from Hong Kong. Meet your friendly guide and check into the hotel in Xiamen. Free on your own in the afternoon/Lujiang Hotel (★★★★)

Day 02 – September 18 (Sunday)
Xiamen (B, L, D)
The morning tour on Gulangyu Island includes the battery car riding around the island, Piano Museum, Shuzhuang Garden, Sunlight Rock, Haoyue Garden and Organ museum. Free on your own on the island in the afternoon. Stay on the island/On-the-Sea Garden Hotel (★★★★)

Day 03 –September 19 (Monday)
Xiamen – Hangzhou (B, L, D)
Visit Jimei, a school village outside Xiamen, Aoyuan Garden and the former residence of Chen Jiageng, a well-known overseas Chinese dedicating himself to the education in his hometown in the 20th century. Visit Hulishan Fortress and the Ring Road in the afternoon. Fly to Hangzhou by CZ3753 (18:20-19:30)/Dahua Hotel (★★★)

Day 04 – September 20 (Tuesday)
Hangzhou (B, L, D)
A morning cruise on the famous West Lake surrounded by hills and gardens, its banks dotted with pavilions and temples. Visit Linyin Temple and Dragon Well Tea Farm in the afternoon.

Day 05 – September 21 (Wednesday)
Shaoxing (B, L, D)
Go to Shaoxing with your local guide by van in the morning. Visit Yuwang Temple, Lanting Pavilion, Donghu Lake and enjoy a black sheltered boat ride. Come back to Hangzhou in the afternoon.

Day 06 - September 22 (Thursday)
Hangzhou – Chengdu (B, L, D)
Fly to Chengdu by CA1741 (08:05-10:45). Visit Dufu Pavilion and Wuhou Temple in the afternoon/Jinjiang Hotel (★★★★★)

Day 07 - September 23 (Friday)
Chengdu – Huanglong - Jiuzhaigou (B, L, D)
Fly to Jiu-Huang Airport by CA4495 (08:30-09:10). Visit Huanglong, a scenic area known for waterfalls and lakes banked with colorful calcareous tuff. Stay at Huanglong in the evening/Hualong Hotel (★★★★)

Day 08 - September 24 (Saturday)
Jiuzhaigou (B, L, D)
Visit Jiuzhaigou scenic are during the day. Jiuzhaigou, a "Fairyland on Earth", located in Nanping County, means: Nine Stockade Canyon" and is inhabited by Tibetans scattered throughout nine hamlets. It is a huge primitive forest inhabited by many species of plants, flowers, wild animals and birds, with lakes and waterfalls surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Tour includes the Five Colored Lake, the White Swan Lake. You will also visit Norelang Waterfall and Peacock Lake, Bamboo-Arrow Sea, Panda Sea, Long Sea, Pearl Waterfall and Shuzheng Waterfall/Sheraton Hotel (★★★★★)

Day 09 - September 25 (Sunday)
Maoxian or Songfan - Wolong (B, L, D)
Take a bus ride to Wolong, the most famous panda preserving area in China/Panda Hotel (★★★)

Day 10 - September 26 (Monday)
Wolong – Chengdu (B, L, D)
On the way back to Chengdu by van you will visit Dujiang Dam, one of the three major irrigation projects built in the Qin Dynasty over 2000 years ago. Enjoy a hot-pot dinner/Jinjiang Hotel (★★★★★)

Day 11 - September 27 (Tuesday)
Chengdu –Emeishan (B, L, D)
A bus ride to Emeishan and visit Golden Summit, Baoguo Temple, Huazang Temple etc./Emeishan Hotel (★★★★)

Day 12 - September 28 (Wednesday)
Emeishan - Leshan –Chengdu (B, L, D)
Go to Leshan in the morning to see the Giant Buddha facing the Minjiang River and come back to Chengdu in the afternoon. Marry and Bill take train K145 (16:10-11:55 the next day) to Kunming. Jane and Graham stay in Chengdu/ Jinjiang Hotel (★★★★★)

Day 13 - September 29 (Thursday)
Chengdu - Kunming (B, L, D)
Fly to Kunming by 3U8661 (08:30-09:30). Visit Dragon Gate on the Western Mountain and Dian Lake in the afternoon/Jinjiang Hotel (★★★★)

Day 14 - September 30 (Friday)
Kunming (B, L, D)
Visit the Stone Forest in the morning. Come back to Kunming.

Day 15 – October 1 (Saturday)
Kunming-Hong Kong and Guilin (B, L)
Free on your own in the morning. Visit the market of flowers and birds after lunch. Transfer to the airport and Fly to Hong Kong by KA 761 (15:30-17:45) and to Guilin by CZ2348 (17:35-18:55). The tour ends.

Extended trip for Graham and Jane
September 15: Arrive in Shanghai (Pudong International Airport) from London and go to the hotel by yourselves/Peace Hotel(★★★★★)
September 16: Free on your own.
September 17(B): Go to the airport (Hongqiao Airport) by yourselves and Fly to Xiamen by FM9253 (08:00-0930)
October 1: Be met and transferred to the hotel in Guilin/Bravo Hotel (★★★★)
October 2 (B): Free on your own.
October 3 (B): Free on your own. Transfer to the airport and fly to Shanghai by FM9332 (19:45-21.55)/ Peace Hotel(★★★★★)
October 4 (B): Go to the airport (Pudong International Airport) by yourselves and fly to London by air.

1)    Hotels listed but a change to that of the same level might be possible according to the reality.
2)    All the meals listed (B: breakfast; L: lunch: D: dinner).
3)    Admissions for parks and items listed are included.
4)    Domestic flights and a train ride listed including those from Hong Kong to Xiamen and from Kunming to Hong Kong.
5)    Ground transportation (private van).
6)    English speaking guides.
7)    Insurance for accidents with an indemnity of RMB300, 000 (US$36145). So we also suggest you buy your own travel insurance in your own country before you come.

Not included:
1)    International flight tickets between England and China.
2)    Over weighed luggage charge (Each passenger can have 20 Kg for the checking bag).
3)    Tips for guides, drivers and bagboys are not included.
4)    Something not mentioned in the itinerary.