MP3Tagger - an easy way to manage your MP3 files and their tags


MP3Tagger enables you to edit the tags in your MP3 files, add artwork to the files, and rearrange them into folders.  Within an MP3 file is a set of tags.  There appear to be three versions which are described in detail at  The program recognises the version 1 tags, written as the last 128 bytes of a file, the version 2.2 used by iTunes which has 3 letter tag IDs, and the version 2.3 which has 4-letter tag IDs.  The only tags that are normally displayed are the Artist, Album, Title, Track Number, Year and Genre tags.  If there is a picture within the MP3 it is displayed in a separate window.  All non-displayed tags are preserved and can be viewed by right-clicking on the MP3 information panel.

To obtain information about CDs, the internet is searched but if you have your own CDs you can build your own track lists.

It is assumed that your MP3s are arranged in the following structure where <..> represents a folder

                            <MP3 Library>
                                                <Disc>              may be omitted
                                                       <Tracks>        usually in the form "XX Title" where XX is the track number.  

When you first start MP3Tagger you will be asked to specify the names of three folders, the MP3 Library folder, the Artwork folder and the Track List folder.

A track list is a text file which has the following format for the records in the file:


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MP3Tagger screenshot


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