Anne’s 70th Birthday Song 


Here we are now, seems familiar

Another song for Andersen’s

Anne has hit big seven zero

Wants to cheer with all her friends



Her great joy is her four grand childs

Morten, Carsten, Thomas, Olly

Puzzles, cards and games of dra-ughts

But not a sign of a dolly



She has always loved her cycling

But she’s had some falls these years

Cycle helmet saved her noggin

She’s done well to fight the tears



Anne has taken to computers

Like a swan would to the sea

Searching Google, sending emails

Even words on IPad mini



Anne is still a little sports star

Playing tennis and badminton

U3a walks and pub lunches

Always ready for some fun



Now she has a gorgeous granddog

Roody loves to stay with her

Treats the dog with love and caring

With his Gran he does prefer



So we all say happy birthday

And we wish you many more

Give three cheers to our dear Anne

Then let’s go to the dance floor





Can it be now over six years

Since she mo-ved back to Bexhill

Though she misses friends in Stafford

Her new pals have fit the bill



One four three has had some changes

An extra floor to see the view

Now her home is looking splendid

Space for clothes to still accrue



Mum is still a faithful Tory

Always he-lps out the party

With her friend Dave as the PM

Exchanging letters merrily



She is still a great Soprano

In her choirs she is content

At St Marks she makes herself heard

Wearing hats with great intent



She remains a bargain hunter

Often sifting through the sales

Negotiating for a price drop

Just don’t ask for the details



Well she is a classy lady

Whizzing round in her Cappo

Of to theatre, even Opera

Dressed so smart where’re she go