CV created for Anne on her 69th Birthday by her family


Anne Elizabeth Andersen


Personal Profile



Home Address:  Acorns, 143 Barnhorn Road, Little Common, Bexhill-on-Sea

Tel No.:               (01424) 842002                                               Nationality:     British (very much so)

Email:              [email protected]                                Date of Birth:   24 January 1943           

Marital Status: Married                                               Sex:                 No thank you!


Career Summary



My life has been dedicated to the service of other people, be that my children, husband, parents, grandchildren, friends or anyone else in need. I have touched many people’s lives and made many lifelong friends through my caring and loving approach. I have a sharp wit and humour and enjoy spending good times with friends and family; there is never a dull moment with me around. I have shown myself to be talented in many ways and have always acted with dignity and honour. I am a tremendously generous and gracious person.


Key Competencies




§      Organisational skills – I can organise and coordinate better than most, as recognised by David Cameron during his campaign for the Stafford Member of Parliament position.

§      Language skills – As well as speaking the Queen’s English I am also fluent in Danish (self-taught).

§      Wordsmith and mathematician – as demonstrated in my regular performances watching Countdown.

§      Financial skills – I can sniff a bargain at a hundred paces. I give advice to my financial advisor!

§      Team player – I am a team player in everything I do, I build and improve teams with ease.

§      Eco friendly – I am extremely careful in saving the earths valuable resources. I have a stomach of iron and can eat food that is more out of date than culottes.

§      Resourceful – No matter the situation I have ideas and contacts that can resolve any problem.

§      Discretion – The master of discretion, I can sleep sitting or standing no matter the length of the sermon.



§      I have mastered the use of email, internet and word processing.

§      Typing skills – I am a qualified touch typist (although I did cheat a bit).

§      I have also been a proficient user of the video player for the last 15 years.


Employment History



§     Mother and house wife                                                                 July 1972 – Present

As the Head of the Andersen’s (two sons and their father) I have excelled in many roles. A sample of these roles are listed below, but believe me this isn’t the half of it!


Nurse. For 36 years I have nursed my children through any sickness or injury (inflicted or self-inflicted). I always adopt a loving and caring attitude and have made my children well on 100% of occasions.


Head Chef. For 40 years I have undertaken all of the cooking in the household. I have received positive feedback from my clients on my risotto, roast dinners and Danish liver dish. Interviewers should steer clear of asking me about the spaghetti bolognaise involving the dogs mince, at least it was fresh puke.


Cleaner. I have had chief responsibility for ensuring all washing, cleaning, dusting and hoovering is performed. Against all odds I have performed this for 40 years.


Zoo keeper. As mother of the Andersen’s I have maintained key responsibility for feeding, cleaning and looking after the following animals (children excluded); dogs, tortoise, fish, and hamster (holiday cover only). The primary responsibility was looking after our wonderful dog Sam.


Taxi driver and Cheerleader. As an expert driver who can go as fast as Nigel Mansell (please see my driving licence for proof) I have safely carted around (whilst avidly supporting) my sons to sports activities, cubs/scouts, Quasar, friends etc.


Event Organiser. I have organised over 30 birthday parties for my children as well as countless other special events (Barn dance is a speciality). Alongside this, and subsequently, I have deployed these skills in various other events, most recently with the incredibly successful concert for my friend Robert Aldwinkle, the internationally renowned harpsichordist.



Nurturer. Above all of these roles I have nurtured my children to help them to become the adults that I am so proud of. I have shown them love and encouragement throughout their lives and been at the centre of the development of their character.


§     Relate                                                                                                        1984 – 2006

At Relate I was initially a secretary on a voluntary basis. I organised the appointments for the consultants and handled communication with clients. During this period I demonstrated such skill that I was promoted to Manager of the Stafford Relate branch. I built the team up to its largest size ever and it was widely revered that during my time the branch was at its most successful.


§     Inland Revenue                                                                                                   1961– 1972

For 11 years I was a tax collector for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. I remained committed to my job despite most of the period being under Labour! I was a dedicated worker and broke through the picket lines on several occasions to get an honest day’s work done!


§     Additional employment roles have included:

§         Staffordshire Playing fields – From 1988 to 1993 I worked on a part time basis helping to improve the facilities in Stafford – even ‘Slags Hill’ playground.

§         Andersen Power Electronic Solutions – From 2003 to present I have been the secretary and a board member of APES. As part of my role I have proof read numerous pages of technical specifications, performed complex diary management and processed incoming calls (particularly from Naveen!).

§         Tupperware lady – For several years I was a salesperson of Tupperware. I must have been a good sales person because I bought piles of the stuff!

§         Strawberry Farm attendant – For many summers I picked and ran the shop for the strawberry farm. Whilst consuming vast quantities of strawberries I also introduced my sons into gainful employment.





Bexhill Grammar School, Bexhill-on-Sea                                                       1954-1960         

§      O levels – English Language, English Literature, Maths, German, French, Latin

§      I had an excellent attendance record here and was rarely in trouble (don’t mention the harlot!)


Interests and Hobbies



§          Travel. I enjoy travelling – NOT.

§          Conservatives. My blood is blue – please try and convince me otherwise – I relish the challenge!

§          Tennis. As well as countless trophies at Walton Lawn Tennis Club I am the current mixed Vets champion at Cooden Beach Tennis club and have won this trophy 4 out of the last 5 years.

§          Badminton. I have won even more trophies in Badminton, mostly with the lovely Clive.

§          Choir. I have sung in choir for over 50 years, recently I sung the Messiah at the Royal Albert Hall.

§          Golf. I can hit the ball round 18 holes better than most women (but I enjoy finding balls the best!).

§          Church. Church has always been a cornerstone of my life. I have made many close friends there and have performed roles such as PCC secretary and service leader at Copper Beech. I like pews.

§          Clothes Collector. I adore buying nice clothes and shoes (particularly when a bargain is available).

§          Grandchildren. I have four wonderful grandchildren who I love to spend time playing dominoes, cards, draughts and puzzles. But mostly I love the cuddles.


Referees – what my friends say about me:


§          “Anne is adorable: very kind and caring, enjoys helping others, loves company, thrives on tennis and badminton, greatly enjoys singing, is passionate about the Church doing what she thinks is right – but, above all, is a wonderful friend; I feel privileged to know her.” Diana Hughes

§         “Anne is always punctual and well turned out.  She is thrifty but nonetheless generous. Over the past year, she has displayed a worrying tendency to fall over which it is trusted she will not make a habit of in future. While her falling over may have affected her PE, it has certainly not affected her talking or singing!” Kath Squire

§         ''She's a constant, dependable friend, committed to a relationship where 2 friends can share news and views, both private or otherwise, with respect for the other. Time spent together is never boring and brings lots of laughs.'' Barbara Boote


CV created for Anne on her 69th Birthday by her family