Saturday, October 13th - A day trip to Suzhou

In the garden of the Humble Administrator


Another view in the Humble Administrator's garden


Tourist with a humble administrator 


Potted flowers are used in abundance


Our guide in Suzhou


Dead-heading the Lotus flowers


Another picturesque scene in the Humble Administrator's garden


One of the many canals in Suzhou


The swimmng pool at the Sheraton Hotel


The Auspicious Light Pagoda behind the Sheraton Hotel


Gymnasts near the Pan Men gate


A contortionist keeping her toes warm


Our guide as viewed from the humpback Wumen Qiao bridge


Traffic on a Suzhou canal


Eight types of eggs with some addled


Oyster mushrooms


An extremely quick and dextrous de-boner


Chickens with eggs


Hope you enjoy your feet being tickled


Our guide's living room