Thursday, October 11th - Cycling through the countryside to Yangshou

The view from the motorised sampan




Riverside launderette




A few ripples


Drying the washing 


Lush greenery lines the river Li


Is this picture the right way up?


Ancient roofs in an old village


How we got from Yangshou to Puli


A floating bridge across the river half way up the picture


Getting ready for the cycle ride


The cyclists and drying sesame


Moon hill


Yuan's parent's 3 storey extension


Yuan's nephew


Other guests also ate lunch


Extension building in the village


'Countryside' restaurant 


A basketball lesson


Mum prepares the vegetables


The lunch Yuan prepared for us


View from the top of Yuan's parent's extension


Lady takes cow and calf for a walk


A Buddhist monastery


A well-deserved beer outside the hotel's bar