Tuesday, October 9th - Xi'an to Guilin

The outside of Pit 1 at the Terracotta Army site


The gold and bronze chariot


The site before the excavations started 


The Archer in Pit 3


Pit 2 - The headquarters of the army


Part of the army in Pit 1


At the front of Pit 1


Inside the Grand Mosque


The Chinese equivalent of a minaret


Anyone know what this flower is called?


Toilets in the Grand Mosque


Loooking down from the wall at the North Gate


Eastward along the city wall


Looking north from the North Gate 


More tea, vicar?


Which snake or turtle would you like to eat?


When are we going to go fishing?


Let's go fishing


Cormorant with fish in mouth


Liberty Bridge built recently to celebrate liberation from the Japanese


Where shall we go to now, Lily?