Saturday, October 6th - Forbidden City, Lama Temple and Summer Palace

Memorial in Tiananmen Square


Queuing to see Mao's body


Chinglish for 'Keep off the Grass'


Graham and Siân in Tiananmen Square


Dr Sun Yat Sen - Father of the Revolution


Towards Tiananmen Square gate


Preparing to have one's photo taken


Yet another gate to pass through to the Forbidden City


Bronze heron in the Forbidden City


Bronze turtle in the Forbidden City


Golden Lion


Trash and trinkets stalls abound


Part of the Lama Temple


Entering the Temple of Heaven for lunch


Entering a tea-house


Mugs for mugs


Mythical statue in the Summer Palace


A metal bird in the Summer Palace


Leaves of the lotus flower


The Long Corridor


Let's buy some water


Dowager Empress Cixi's home


Stone man-hole covers


Still in the Long Corridor


Close up of a some of the pictures in the Long Corridor


Preparing to be an Emperor


Dragon boat on the lake at the Summer Palace


The jade boat of Cixi


Another view of a dragon boat


Waiting to board a boat


What else was acquired at the Pearl Shop?


Starters without shark fin soup