Wednesday, October 3rd - Fengjie to Zigui

Ferry on the Yangzi


Travelling down the Yangzi midstream


An industrial town on the North bank


Queuing for the ferry to cross the river


The motorised sampan at Wushan


Delivering fresh food


Aaron translates the guide's utterances


A market for Chinese tourists


Chinese characters carved into the gorge side


A sampan goes passed in the Lesser Gorges


A Lesser Gorge


Close up of rocks in the Lesser Gorges


Waiting for the traffic lights to change so that we have
the right of way upstream


Stranded on a shale beach.
Look how green the water is.


Halfway up you can see the holes of the 450 kilometre plank walk


Wild monkeys in the Lesser Gorges.
They're the black objects at the top of the rock to the right. 


Leaving the Lesser Gorges


About to enter the Wu gorge


The new buildings are above the level of the water.
The older buildings at the water's edge will be flooded 

There were many notice boards marking the level of the water


A river guard's house with direction flags


A Russian hydrofoil


The Goddess Peak - it's the small one to the right of the 3 larger ones


A peak with a name that requires lots of imagination


Typical riverside village soon to be inundated


A colourful dragon cruise boat


Paintings in the shop at Zigui


Traditional dancers at Zigui