Monday, October 1st - The carvings at Dazu

The king and queen of the East Heaven


Cliff carvings galore


Lots of devils at Dazu


The 34-metre sleeping buddha


Tourists and students


The guide Romy and a tourist


The rickshaws we declined to take


Patchwork fields


More patchwork fields


The road to the village


The village square


Some of the village houses


Would you like to come inside my 300-year old house?


Our minibus


A farmer and his crop


The 80yr old artist thinking about what to say


The artist's studio


The pagoda in the park


Peacocks in the park


Wedding in the park


The junction of the Lesser Three Gorges and the Yangzi


A squirrel is not much for Sunday lunch


The People's Palace


Hotpot in Chongqing


The Victoria Dolphin